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We started our coffee brand right here in New york.


Bespoke leather biker jackets


Growing up in NYC and with family in the clothing manufacturing business is something I am grateful for. It gave me the tools for the rest of my career. I have seen so much change in New York, and my roots have given me the opportunity to start a clean, simple, and responsible aesthetic for my luxury leather atelier.  As a long time Designer watching our broken supply chain worsen and our environment getting heavily impacted, I wanted to contribute and offer a solution to overproduced products. Sustainability and ethical manufacturing direct to consumers. These processes have taken some time in my 23 year experience in fashion, but with my European relationships it has made the job easier and more important today than ever before as a Designer. I have been fortunate enough to have travelled the world for fashion and manufacturing in my career. In my travels I always found myself sampling all kinds of unique quality coffees and some not so unique while doing my job. Always in search of a fresh neat cup filled with intense coffee flavors and aromatics wherever I travelled to.

Recently, it was clear to me that I needed to pursue my coffee passion. I wanted to share seasonal fresh quality coffees with the world. In 2020 Nomad Roasters was born. Like myself, always traveling the world to build relationships and transparency. I wanted the same for Nomad Roasters. The journey and stewardship for finding superior coffees from growers with the same vision I have for my leathers is my mission. Making sure that growers are providing sustainable employment giving back to their local communities. We are true Nomads in that we never stop sourcing the globe to bring you the next bespoke, custom coffee. All handmade small batch, fresh and proudly roasted in Brooklyn. I promise to keep our commitment alive so that all can appreciate a fine cup everywhere at anytime.

 - Erik

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