Our Story

We started our coffee brand right here in New york.


Bespoke leather biker jackets


Growing up in the vibrant city of NYC with a family deeply rooted in the clothing manufacturing business has been a foundational and cherished part of my life. These early experiences equipped me with the skills that would shape my entire career. Witnessing the ever-evolving landscape of New York, I felt a responsibility to use my roots as a launchpad for establishing a luxury leather atelier that embodies a clean, simple, and responsible aesthetic.

As a designer with over 23 years of experience, I've observed the detrimental impacts of our broken supply chain and the environmental toll it takes. Motivated by a desire to address the issue of overproduction, I decided to pivot towards sustainability and ethical manufacturing, delivering directly to consumers. This shift, while challenging, has gained momentum with the support of my longstanding relationships in Europe. Today, as a designer, the importance of these practices has never been more apparent.

My extensive global travels for fashion and manufacturing have allowed me to sample diverse coffee blends, sparking a passion for quality and uniqueness. Recognizing the need to share my love for seasonal, fresh, and high-quality coffees, I founded Nomad Roasters in 2020. Much like my journey in the fashion industry, Nomad Roasters is built on the principles of transparency and relationship-building. Our mission is to source superior coffees from growers who share my vision for sustainability and ethical practices, ensuring that they contribute positively to their local communities.

At Nomad Roasters, we embrace our nomadic spirit, constantly searching the globe to make our next meticulously crafted, custom coffee. Each batch is handmade, ensuring freshness, and proudly roasted in Brooklyn. I am committed to maintaining our pledge so that everyone can savor a fine cup, anywhere, and at any time.

- Erik

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