Exquisite Coffees

All about brewing awesome coffee, we're big on eco-friendly methods, sustainable tools, and ethical sourcing. Our goal? Make every sip a joy while supporting fair trade and sustainability. Each little batch we whip up is like a tiny masterpiece, giving you the ultimate coffee vibe. Dive into the world where taste meets responsibility with us!

Peru specialty coffee in 8 and 12 oz bags

Medium roast


Perfect harmony of sweet apple, raspberry, and nutty almond flavors.


Medium Roast


Ngararia Farmers Cooperative

Discover a symphony of flavors including the lusciousness of stone fruit, a hint of wine-like allure, and the playful tartness of cranberry!


medium roast

Brazil | Colombia

Introducing our BSPōK house blend, the one that started it all! Discover the delicious notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and a touch of red apple!

  • A solid 10

    Get ready for a simply delicious caffeine experience. -William C.

  • Value all around

    A good cup of coffee is.... ethically sourced, thoughtfully roasted and brewed to perfection. That is exactly what Nomad Rosters has done here. -Derrek U.

  • Smooth

    This coffee is smoother than Santana. A medium roast, that is perfect for that morning cup, to get you amped for the day. Yum! Coffee worth waking up for. -Aspen R.

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