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Delightfully sweet and smooth


Single origin. Delightfully gentle, Embracing hints of chocolate, Caramel undertones, and delicate nuances of yellow fruits

Lomaverde stands as the distinguished main farm and the epitome of Pergamino's coffee brand. Situated in the picturesque mountains of Santa Bárabara, south of Medellín, its elevated position ranges between 5,400 and 6,400 feet above sea level. Within this captivating terrain, a harmonious blend of warm days and cool nights create an optimal climate, nurturing the gradual and consistent maturation of cherries. Renowned for its captivating flavors, Lomaverde exemplifies the essence of Colombian coffee, boasting profiles characterized by delightful sweetness, smoothness, and vibrant acidity.

The Chiroso coffee cultivar is a unique and relatively rare variety with a distinctive flavor profile. It is believed to be a natural mutation of the Bourbon coffee variety, which is renowned for its rich and nuanced flavors.

Join the journey and celebrate this wonderful coffee. 

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