Our Partners

We are proud to be working with some of the finest coffee growers around the globe. Here is what makes each one so unique.

Colombia Huila Santa Maria, one of Colombia's southernmost coffee-producing departments close to the Nevado del Huila volcano. Huila received an official "Denomination of Origin" status (similar to status of Champagne in France) in 2013, due to its unique, location-specific and high quality coffee characteristics. Coffees from Huila tend to be highly prized by specialty roasters and baristas around the world for their balance of pleasant acidity, sweetness and aromatics. 
ELEVATION: 1500 Meters
PROCESS:    Fully washed
VARIETALS:  Caturra and Castillo

Brazil Mogiana, Cooperativa de Cafeicultores e Agropecuaristas (COCAPEC), high-quality cooperative founded in 1985 with 300 producer members, currently has 2000+ members who receive strong technical support from the organization to guarantee consistent high-quality coffee year over year. The Mogiana is prized for its fullness of body, chocolately, caramel, creamy and clean flavors.
ELEVATION:  800 Meters
PROCESS:    Natural
DRYING METHOD: Patio, sun dried
VARIETALS:  Bourbon, Mondo Novo Hybrid

Since 2013 the women of Nyampinga have received training in agronomy and quality control. Nyampinga coffees are among the highest quality coffees available in all of Rwanda. The coop operates its own washing station, which processes coffee from multiple local producers. At the washing station the coffee is depulped, fermented, washed, with drying taking place on raised African beds, to ensure consistency and evenness. The members of the cooperative and coffee washing station diligently hand sort the coffee at each step, ensuring a consistently high quality product standard.
ELEVATION:  1760 meters  
PROCESS:    Washed  
VARIETALS:   Bourbon

Founded in 2010, the Mayogi Cooperative is located in the Gicumbi District of the Northern Province of Rwanda which features an ideal climate for coffee flowering, leading to highly productive trees. For many years, the cooperative was comprised of only 108 farmers. Then, in 2017, 270 women graduates of the Sustainable Growers training program, which which transforms women coffee farmers into business professionals by providing them with training and trading opportunities, joined the cooperative. With this new found strength in numbers, the cooperative immediately achieved a significant milestone: In 2018, the placed second in the Rwanda Cup of excellence with a score of 90.06. They also received a presidential award and were recognized by cuppers as a top quality producer at Let's Talk Coffee 2018 during a cupping of exceptional offerings from around the world.
Today, the cooperative is women-led: both president and Vice President are women, and the board of directors 50% female. The cooperative owns their own washing station, giving them much needed control over the entire production process to realize the full quality potential of their coffee.
ALTITUDE:    1,775

PROCESS:   Washed

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